Release 42

A representation of new additional features and improvements that have been released in Codex.

Gjirafa / Codex

New Features

1. Maximum and Minimum Values for Width and Height in Media Field

New validation has been added to the Media Field configuration when adding images. Users can now restrict added images by setting minimum and maximum values for the Width and Height attributes. This feature enables users to add images only within the specified range of minimum and maximum values. It helps users define desired size constraints for images in a Media Field, preventing the addition of images that do not meet the specified criteria.

2. Location Asset Breadcrumbs

Asset Management Hub and other interfaces now display Asset Breadcrumbs, allowing users to visualize the location of assets within the folder hierarchy. This enhancement simplifies the process of locating assets, especially when users are managing a large number of assets. Viewing the asset breadcrumbs enables users to identify asset locations quickly. Additionally, users can directly navigate to the corresponding folder in the hierarchy from the breadcrumbs, facilitating easy access to desired assets tailored to their specific needs.

General Improvements

1. Enable/Disable Media Content Types

A new improvement has been introduced in the Rich Content Field, specifically for Media content types. Alongside other configurations, users can now select which media content types to include in a Rich Content Field by enabling or disabling options such as Image, Video, File, or Playlist. These settings empower users to restrict the types of media content allowed in a Rich Content Field, tailoring the field to their specific needs.

2. "Nofollow" and "Noreferrer" Options for Hyperlinks

Additional options have been incorporated into hyperlinks within Rich Content Fields. Among these options, users can now add the "Nofollow" and "Noreferrer" attributes to hyperlinks in Rich Content Fields. These attributes are optional and serve specific purposes, providing users with greater control over their hyperlink configurations.

3. Placeholder Visibility for the Current Empty Block

An enhancement has been implemented for the placeholder of the current empty block in the Rich Content Field. When multiple empty blocks exist in the Rich Content Field, only the selected block where the cursor is placed will display the default text “Start writing or type / to add blocks”. This improvement enhances user experience by ensuring better visibility while creating and adding blocks in the Rich Content Field.

4. Navigation through Pagination in Entries Listing

Enhancements have been made to the pagination bar in the Entries Listing, allowing users to navigate seamlessly through pages and easily locate the first and last page of entries. Additionally, users now have the option to change the number of entries displayed per page, with choices such as 10, 25, 50, or 100 entries. This feature empowers editors to swiftly navigate to their desired page of entries and display the specific number of entries based on their requirements.

5. Loader Inclusion until Content is Displayed

An improvement has been made to all Codex pages during the loading process, especially when data retrieval is delayed due to slow internet connections. A loading circle will now be displayed, indicating that the page is still loading and data is being retrieved. This visual cue informs users that the page content is loading, providing them with feedback that the data will be displayed shortly.

Bug Fixes

  1. Selected Entries Not Being Distinguished - Resolved the issue where selected entries in the Reference Field modal were not being distinguished. This problem occurred specifically in the Firefox browser.

  2. Lock Duration Not Functioning Properly - Resolved the issue where the lock duration of the entries configured in the model was not working correctly.