Release 41

A representation of new additional features and improvements that have been released in Codex.

Gjirafa / Codex

New Features

1. Job Creation Capability

The introduction of the Jobs feature in Codex now enables users to efficiently manage imports and deletions on a large scale. Jobs encompass the capacity to import substantial volumes of assets and entries into a site, as well as the ability to comprehensively delete content from a site. This deletion feature extends to entries, tags, URLs, or any combination thereof. This enhancement caters to the needs of developers, streamlining the management of large-scale asset and entry imports while facilitating mass content deletion without manual intervention.

2. Job Permissions

Through the introduction of the Jobs feature, Codex now offers user access control permissions specifically designed for managing Jobs. These access rights can be found within the Teams permissions Builder section, encompassing the abilities to both view and manage jobs. These permissions primarily cater to developers who require authorization to oversee and manage jobs within an organization.

3. Author Creation at Entry Level

A new feature has been integrated into the entry editor, specifically on the Authors Field. Users can now swiftly add new authors at the entry level without the necessity of navigating to the Authors management section. To accomplish this, users simply need to locate the Author field in the entry editor, input the full name of the new author, and select the 'Create' button. This action directly adds the new author to the Authors Listing helping users reduce time in operations, and focus on content creation.

4. IPTC Data Transfer in Asset Upload

An enhancement has been implemented when uploading assets to the Asset Management Hub. Now, when users upload assets, specific IPTC data will automatically transfer into the metadata fields of the assets within Codex. This metadata includes the caption, copyright information, and author details. This feature simplifies the process for editors, as most asset metadata is seamlessly incorporated into Codex, eliminating the need for manual input.

General Improvements

1. Model Hidden in the Create Entry button

A new configuration has been added for Models related to creating entries in the Entries Listing. Now the users can configure in the model to hide the corresponding model to be listed in the “Create” button when creating new entries in the Entries Listing. However, enabling this option, the model will be displayed in other places such as the Reference Field and Reference Block creation options. This enhancement empowers editors to exclusively create entries from the model when necessary in the Reference Field and Reference Block, while removing clutter in the "Create" button and emphasizing the more important models entry creation.

2. Video Duration Filters Enhancement

Significant improvements have been made to the filtering of video durations in the Asset Management Hub. Users can now filter video durations based on hours, minutes, and seconds, facilitating the quick identification and utilization of videos based on their duration to meet specific requirements.

3. Superscripts and Subscripts in Rich Text Field

Substantial enhancements have been implemented in the Rich Text Field with regard to toolbar options. Users can now easily apply superscript and subscript formatting to text, meeting the editorial need for stylized text as per specific requirements.

Bug Fixes

  1. Preview and Compare Entry Versions - Resolved the issue that previously caused a freeze screen when previewing and comparing entry versions, thereby preventing editors from scrolling or making desired changes.

  2. Entries Listing Customization Columns - Resolved the issue where customization columns within the entries listing were not retained when refreshing the page, ensuring that user preferences are maintained consistently.